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This website 'Domain Accuracy began with an idea to understand the business of domain name investment with and There are earlier versions of this idea, because like any good idea, it is always evolving. Many changes can begin to happen through the opening of a a window. This collection began in 2006.

This special portfolio of generic dotCom domain names includes many "premium names".  Some of these are,,,,,  and 

As stated in "ModernDomainer" magazine in 2007, we consider this project to be a work of legacy. 

Imagine what can be done if domains such as "GreenestNetwork", "GreenestTechnology", GreenestEngineering" and more are used together as rating system. 

We have more plans for this informational distribution regarding domains which may be for sale. Please inquire here.

Also visit,,,,,,,,,,, .com,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

We read

Day 3, oct 16. 2017

and DNJournal mention in "Women for the win

and be seen here

It is a positive thing to help create something that gives hope for the future.


After more than 10 years of and learning about the domain name business and putting in the time to do research on the correct actions, it is time to to begin to share much of what has been sheltered. One can hope that others will want to help with this effort. Let us know.

With good intentions, more information is being shown each day.

More to this true story soon...